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Approved Document B: Fire Safety (Volume 2 - Buildings other than Dwellinghouses): Incorporating Insurers' Requirements for Property Protection (2nd Edition) (PDF)

FPA/RISC Authority / Feb 2015 / PDF, 218pp
ISBN13: 9781859466155
£38.00 (was £47.50)

The threat of fire is a major concern to construction clients, architects and other construction professionals. Beyond the critical life safety issues, major fires will severely interrupt business, with the cost to the UK economy exceeding £7 billion every year and the statistics for consequent business failure remaining high. Protecting property as well as people from fire is a key business objective and designing-in appropriate measures from the start can considerably reduce the cost of implementation.

In this guide, the extra measures needed for property protection and business resilience are combined with the essential life-safety measures required by Approved Document B: Fire Safety (Volume 2). Essentially reproducing the official Approved Document in full but enhanced by comprehensive annotations by RISCAuthority, the guide provides the design community with a practical and easy-to-use shortcut to meeting the requirements of not just the Building Regulations, but also clients and their insurers.

New to this edition:

  • Now features the 2013 revision of Approved Document B: Fire safety (volume 2 – buildings other than dwellinghouses), reflecting the most recent building regulations.
  • Revised insurance providers’ requirements, updated to reflect modern methods of construction, the green agenda and modular construction.
  • A brand-new appendix dealing with the protection of buildings made of combustible structure (such as timber).


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