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Avoiding and Resolving Disputes: A Short Guide for Architects (PDF)

Bart Kavanagh / May 2017 / PDF, 144pp.
ISBN13: 9781859468234
£18.36 (was £22.95)
Quick, concise and direct, this pocketbook outlines the essentials that every architect needs to know about construction disputes – from tips on avoiding them in the first place and informally negotiating issues as they arise, to how to go about settling full-blown disputes more formally.

  • Underlines typical reasons for dispute between each of the parties involved on a project
  • Reveals the range and nature of the risks a practitioner may face and how to minimise them
  • Offers straightforward overviews of all common resolution options: informal discussion and complaint, negotiation, mediation, expert evaluation, adjudication, expert determination, arbitration and litigation
  • Includes an extensive directory of helpful resources, publications, independent experts and consultants, key organisations etc.

No matter the size of your project or who you’re dealing with, Avoiding and Resolving Disputes can be used as a handy revision guide, a precautionary checklist, or a reliable reference at any time.


Also available in print from RIBA Bookshops.