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BIM for Construction Health and Safety (PDF)

Roland Finch & Stefan Mordue / Apr 2014 / PDF, 120pp
ISBN13: 9781859466810
£20.00 (was £25.00)

Too many people are killed and injured in our industry each year, despite the best efforts of all parties concerned.

Although it is not new, Building Information Modelling has seen a huge uptake in interest in recent years. This is partly as a result of Government support, but mainly due to great leaps in technology.

The basic principle is simple. BIM is about gathering, using, interpreting and transmitting information. Information about design, production and programming. Information that can be passed on to others, used for operation and maintenance, or costing purposes.

Is it such a departure, therefore, to consider how health and safety information might be included in a BIM? Is this not a massive opportunity for those of us working in construction to embrace this technology and its development, together with the increased efficiency and discipline that it brings? The commercial advantages are fairly obvious, but the potential benefits in improved health by reducing accidents and deaths are so great as to be almost unquantifiable.

This book looks at how that can be brought about. The incorporation of health and safety into BIM is neither something which is the exclusive preserve of the ‘technology’ generation, nor something which is beyond us as health and safety professionals.

It is, as modern parlance would have it, a ‘no brainer'.

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